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Multitasking Corporation LTD is an end-to-end technology provider. We specialize in energy saving and eco-friendly products. Our high quality electronics components are manufactured by Multitasking Inductor Electronic LTD.

We specialize in PCB, IC, LED, PIR sensor, Microwave sensor, Photocells, Solar modules, Hybrid systems and electronic processors and have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing electronics. We have several assembling units across the world under our monitoring. Our products include: sensor switch and Detector, light-control switch, smoke alarm and multi-function home-security alarm system, GSM interface system with call SMS & MMS, Photo-Taking Auto-Dial Alarm System, Sensor Cameras etc. Most products have CE, GS, UL, BSI, SASO, and VDS, approval. Our PIR sensor switch has procured the recommendatory certificate issued by the Construction Department. The products are exported to Europe America, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. We have received consistent good appraisal from internal and international clients.

Our moulds, plastic injections, and circuit boards are assembled in world class production lines. Also, we do OEM, ODM processing for some of the top selling electronics brands. In recent years, our company's production scale has enormously increased. We have added advanced production craftwork equipment and inspection devices in quick succession. As a result, we now possess entirely automatic SMT production lines. In addition, there are mould processing devices, ICT automatic online testing instruments, laser marking machines, standard smoke test cases, and self-made PIR sensitivity test room with adjustable lights.

Our company has a state-of-the-art ERP management information system. We have powerful computers that stay connected with our intranet, which helps share company resources and facilitates quick data transfer from supplying, production, sales, and quality centers to our management. We possess PROE, PROTEL, UNIGRAPHICS and AUTOCAD software for assisting with the design of housing and circuit boards. Our professional housing design and electron technology team ensures research of new products and develop the same with high integrity.

We have strong customer support and distribution chains spread across the world. Our main brands: SensLights, Free Cool, SensCam and Multitasking Electronic products aim to provide cost effective energy saving products and function as a complete energy saving solution. Through an increasing number of distribution and dealers, we will deliver in a timely and efficient manner to the marketplace. Excellent customer service, quality prices, and quality products are the keys to our success. Our brands strive to excel in these key areas while developing a stronger position in the market place. The company strongly believes that through professionalism, it can develop a deep understanding of the market, raise its competitiveness, and create win-win situations for both the company and its customers.

Regarding Talent as the root, the Company works on satisfying the customer by exploiting & innovating, and persisting in providing high quality product for all clients.

For the past two decades, our group of companies has been manufacturing industrial equipment like high quality low voltage products, CCTV Systems IP Camera Solutions, Software Solutions, Electro Mechanical Contractors, and property development.